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Meet the Steering Committee!

Updated: May 16

We couldn't be more thrilled by the opportunity to help steward and support this historic community group! A key tenant of the steering committee is the promotion of an unbiased and fair process, as described by the community bylaws. Committee members seek to have no conflicting personal affiliations (e.g. existing or ongoing development projects) that might prevent them from being able to support this goal of judicious stewardship of meetings and HPNC gatherings.

Judi Walker

A lifelong resident of Highland Park, Judi Walker worked as an Area Operations Manager for Verizon for many years prior to retirement. “I’m interested in knowing what’s going on in my area, interested in the fact that we’ve been overrun recently with new housing. You can’t be on the street without seeing a new house going up, and I want to have a say in what development happens in this area.”

Tim Gosier

​As a lifelong resident of Roxbury, Timothy (Tim) Gosier always dreamed of living in Fort Hill as a child and has been able to realize that as a homeowner over the last 10 years. Financial Advisor by trade and a musician and athlete in his spare time , Tim looks to be of service to his community and its members in hopes of making Highland Park a more vibrant neighborhood exemplified by its history, diversity and sense of community.


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